Walking on the moon must be an amazing experience: On the one hand everything happens in super-smooth slow motion, on the other hand the feeling of weightlessness surely is exciting and stimulating. Exactly this mixture of laid-back calmness and clear presence of mind characterises the Moonwalk, one of Sensatonics’ classic Herbal Kicks.

The organic elixir is a drinkable anti-gravity field which makes it an essential ingredient of the Moonwalk Melon Man. The appearance of this cocktail is not exactly reminiscent of the moon, but rather of the sun. The sweet grenadine lends to the drink an appetizing, reddish colour gradient.

Also the melon liquor or optionally melon syrup creates a very sunny and tropical taste. Finally the Herbal Kick Moonwalk has a refined double effect: The natural agents of passion flower and sweet flag provoke a calm and relaxed mindset while catuaba and guarana provide uplifting energy without any touch of stress.


0,3 l Glass
3 cl Moonwalk
2 cl Melon Liqueur (with alcohol), or 2 cl Melon Syrup (without alcohol)
2 cl Grenadine
2 cl Lemon juice
Filler: orange juice
5-6 Ice cubes

Shake or stir all the ingredients with the ice in a glass
Fill up with orange juice
Decoration: 1 slice of lime

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