, Omsphere, Sonic Wave Control, Free-Spirit Records… Jay OM is a busy man. So we‘re stoked we got him for an interview about his various projects and some highlights of the year 2014.

The project Omsphere is only your latest musical offspring, isn‘t it?

It all happened while touring South Africa as Journey and Jay OM in 2009. At the time I was working on my second Journey album but had started making some loops and music that I wouldn‘t normally do with Journey. Before I knew it I had finished a whole load of tracks, enough material to perform Omsphere live for the first time. So I began releasing tracks here and there on compilations and EP‘s. These days you will often find me performing more than once at events as Omsphere and Journey… and as Sonic Wave Control.

Your highlights of 2014, music-wise?

Here I have to put on my Free-Spirit label manager hat and say that I am most proud of Free-Spirit‘s label artist Twelve Sessions aka Pedro Thiel from Brasil. I first met met Pedro 6 years ago in Porto Alegre, whilst touring Brazil. He had this amazing raw talent, but needed that extra push to get him out there so we signed him to Free-Spirit. Forthcoming release is Twelve Sessions & M-Theory – Once in a Blue Moon and he is also compiling a VA for Free-Spirit Records. On the Omsphere side, I am proud to have a track I made with Tron on his forthcoming album, the guy is a legend. Also look out for a Tron & Journey EP out on Free-Spirit Records in November!

Please complete this sentence: My personal­ highlight of 2014 was…

…finishing my first Omsphere album K‘ag Bak‘tun, which means the new era in Mayan language. The album took me two years to complete with most of the ideas coming from inspiration during my travels. It is something I am really proud of!

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