Regarded to be a dimensional reality where humankind lives in unity, prosperity and peace, the idea of the Fifth Dimension works as a beacon of hope for a new mode of existence.

As per the ascension prophecies, all living beings, the earth included are poised at the point of transition into the Fifth Dimension, and the shift is said to occur in the immediate future. To access this reality individuals need to exit lower dimensional frequencies and move into higher vibrations. So what can people expect?

First off, the abolition of evils such as hunger, poverty, and crime. Love and compassion will flow in everyone’s veins. Next, people live in peace, harmony, and respect for all other living beings. Unity with nature will be a priority, and the focus will be on achieving a balanced symbiotic relationship with the biosphere. Eradication of disease, injustice, and fear – Humankind will live in complete connection with their inner divinity, and everyone will be able to access their higher-self.

At the moment earth is said to be in the fourth-dimensional zone, a place of chaos & confusion because people are shaking off old and outdated thought patterns to embrace new behavioural structures more conducive both to self and to fellow beings. The manner in which one accesses the higher vibrations are simple, all you need to do is give in to compassion, and carry out acts of kindness.

Love & Light to all!

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