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From Kiel come the long active Psy enthusiasts from Klangkontakt and turn the world in the north quite breathless. Jens Klangkontakt (DJ Mr Jeans), Scödy (Dean), Tree (DJ Mr Tree) are the current triumvirate, which celebrates its events.

Klangkontakt came together in 2005, but the guys each for himself had already accumulated a lot of experience. Under the internal slogan “create your environment, main thing coloured”, they integrated into the Freitagsclub, which existed since the end of the 90’s. The intention was always to put the fun in the foreground, a so-called family meeting. The germ cell Klangkontakt was born.

One companion of them is DJ Bim (Midijum / Yellow Sunshine Explosion). As a friend, Bim supports the Klangkontakts, while Mr Jeans and Mr Tree play for YSE. You need to be up for music. The musical direction is PsyProg, Psytrance, Full On. When I played at the Freitagsclub in 2006, the time of Dark Psytrance had just begun. The guys extended the musical spectrum with a Dark Floor, about which the freaks were happy and which still works today.

Klangkontakt is not dependent to scrape a living by events, instead always love of the cause. But they are active which is laudible:
– Unity, the party to the day of the German groats, in October, with DarkPsy
– Klangkontakt meets … in February is designed for collaboration as well, with DarkPsy
– Tala Vinyasa, “old but gold” paying tribute musically to beginnings of Psytrance and usually takes place in March.

“Two different generations, but of course our dynamics delivers Psytrance in a special way“ is the motto of Mr Jeans and Mr Tree.

At the beginning of the 90s Jens had drifted around in Goa and let himself be inspired there. When the Indians read the name Jens, Jeans always came out. That Baum plays as Mr. Tree, forget it. Over the last 12 years it has developed very well . “Those who book us know what they get,” says Mr Tree. “And as things are going, it’s completely sufficient. Of course, we still have dreams”.

The communication designer Jens, the craftsman Scödy and the student of Public Relations Baum form the positively crazy gang of Klangkontakt. The village of Kiel they bring to the big city Psytrance-wise anyway. The outlook: “We want to keep the framework as it is, but also develop it further”. However, do not exaggerate as some parts of the scene. “We will not participate in this.” Why, too.


mr.jeans mr.tree festival set

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schaut mega aus... nächstesmal bin ich auch wieder dabei ;)


2 weeks ago


Unsere fleissige Losfee hat, mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung ihrer neuen Kumpels, mal wieder alles gegeben ☺ ;-
Wir danken euch für die rege Teilnahme an unserem Gewinnspiel – die Gewinner haben Post. have fun ;-)

Wir freuen uns auf euch.

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