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 Die Digitaldesigngruppe Plazmalab aus Tel-Aviv transformiert Kopfvisionen in höchst verschwurbeltes Design auf alle Arten von Flächen, neben Kleidung auch Wände. Jede Saison drängt eine neue Kollektion in diese verrückte Welt: “Allzweckkleidung für den verdrehten Geist”. In den letzten Jahren mächtig in fast die gesamte Welt hinausgewachsen, findet ihr sie vielleicht um die Ecke, beim nächsten Festival oder in Plazmalab Läden in Tel-Aviv, Goa, Osaka, Berlin und Prag. 

Interweaving urban and digital culture on comfortable and cutting edge quality clothing while also promoting street-art.

From an urban loft overlooking Tel-Aviv, the digital design group Plazmalab has been operating for more than a decade. It is there that the in-house designers and artists are constantly transforming visions from mind to fabric. Be aware that these arePlazmalab not your average visions, these highly intricate designs show Plazmalab’s unique perspective. It seems that the group’s goal to thread ideas into visuals, and presenting them on clothing, prints & canvases, is successful and has brought them to where they are today. An extraordinary bunch of people that are motivated by creation, to share and collaborate with big festivals, music artists and different entities which share their vision.

PlazmalabIn the last years the Plazmalab family has expanded, and branches can be now spotted all over the globe, spreading Plazmalab’s unique style and vibe. Intent on mixing urban psychedelic and digital style, they never fail to show new creations, whether these are printed on clothes or sprayed on walls, there’s probably a piece just around the corner.

Each season a new collection is released into this crazy world mirroring their belief: “All-purpose wear for the twisted mind”. Check out their latest creations at a festival stall near you, or if you are touring the world, you can find Plazmalab shops in Tel-Aviv, Goa, Osaka, Berlin and Prague among other places, and, of course, you can always check out &

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