Here’s a list of funny problems, pot smokers face, have you faced any?

Rosy Lenses
That horrifying moment when you realize that the VERY person who should never ever ever catch you smoking weed is arriving at
the door any minute, your eyes are as red as wine, and you can‘t find the bloody eye-drops…sweet misery…

You spent the afternoon toking in some of the finest Tickle Kush buds, now you‘re in the middle of a really important meeting
but you just can‘t keep Chuckles (your infamous alter-ego) under control…every serious detail being narrated by the speaker
is a big fat joke…you know you‘re in deep shit but you can‘t keep your face straight.

The rules of smoking are uncomplicated and few, the most basic of which being: Don‘t mess up the rotation…Ever!
Dealing with people who can‘t seem to remember a simple cycle is a major buzz-kill.

Puff, puff, hoarder
The title‘s a give-away but yes we‘re talking about those people who start talking about that uninteresting experience AND
forget to pass the joint… You‘d probably at least pretend to pay more attention to the story, if the joint was in your hand…

There‘s always that one person in your smoking circle whose drippy mouth is way too heavy on spittle…and so you get a wet
joint/pipe/blunt…yummy…and then you need to constantly remind him/her that slobbering is not cool.

Missing Flames
You‘ve filled that pipe up to perfection…it‘s ready and waiting to be sucked in…you‘re super-pumped up, you look around
for your trusty lighter and tragedy strikes; your lighter‘s been whisked away by Mr. Nobody to the mysterious land of all
things lost. Yep…the vast number of lighters you purchase on a regular basis don‘t seem to count…
inevitably when you need it, it‘s not gonna be there….


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