Generally hallucinations have not been reported during the effects of this strain

Here’s a guide to knowing Indica:

Cannabis Indica plants are thought to have evolved from the Hindu Kush region located near Afghanistan. This strain
prefers temperate climates which stimulates the growth of thick resin coats.

The first published description of the Indica plant was reported in 1785 by the European botanist Jean-Baptiste, he is
said to have discovered it India, this accounts for the addition of ‘indi’ in the nomenclature of the plant.

The beautiful Indica grows into short stocky bushes with broad deep green leaves. The high chlorophyll content of the
Indica plant cuts down the growing period, and once the flowering starts, the plant matures in 6 to 8 weeks. The plant
grows up to a maximum height of two meters, which makes it well suited for indoor cultivation. The yield is higher than
that of Sativa, the buds are wide, and densely packed. Flavors include sweet notes, but most Indica flavours are pungent.
Indica highs induce a state of deep relaxation, and in essence slow the smoker down.

Generally hallucinations have not been reported during the effects of this strain. It is believed that the difference in
the terpenoid content in the essential oil secreted by the plant could be responsible for the spectrum of effects experienced
by users. In countries such as India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan where the use of hashish is part of the culture,
this strain has always been the first choice.


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