Pressesch(l)au didn’t rip us apart completely <3

What a highlight! A still giggling thanks to the resourceful spectator, who suggested the first issue of our brand-new hemp fan magazine hempedelic for a magazine review at the frenzied magazine critique show “Pressesch(l)au” on Promptly we were taken apart by moderator Lars Golenia in episode 97 in the most bizarre way.

Here you can see what amusing things came out of it (the video is in german):

“Pressesch(l)au “, that sounds pretty cheeky: in german “sch(l)au” is a mix of show and clever – hihi. With just as much humour, Lars Golenia regularly rummage through crazy or remarkable magazines in a postmodern way with a satire format on and also his YouTube channel, which opens up immodestly with over 45k followers, making him an influencer, i. e. a quasi-Internet god. Wow.

Of course, we did not only accept the threat of a satirical turn-around just because of the excellent publicity. Even though Comedian Golenia likes to mock and prefers (and rightly so) to target particularly unobjectively researched content, hempedelic can now boast a decent portion of flattery for the first edition.

Right at the beginning Golenia sends us in the expected endorphin intoxication: He likes the cover! Now we almost feel a bit like our favorite band had brought us on stage and paid us a compliment. *yay*
Then, however, the Vid reaches its climax quite quickly: It follows the caricaturing Pot-Head witty bit to use our magazine by turning the pages. Laughing flash of the day! Not to mention how much effort Golenia put into making the video hempedelic with a handful of stoner jokes to top it off.
Completely sober, Golenia lets the audience know in summary that hempedelic can conjure up some colour in the grey of everyday life for the reader with a wink and above all with lots of fun, knowledge and tips. And that’s music in our ears!

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