Moments of doubt and indecisiveness haunt even the surest of minds, in times of internal conflicts it’s handy to have an emotional support system – enter the Spirit Guides (SP).

SP’s are entities assigned to us before birth – their purpose is to guide us through life to ensure we fulfill spiritual contracts made before incarnation. Guides could exude female or male energy, and will be at different levels of consciousness themselves. They could present themselves as animal avatars – panthers, dragons, unicorns, etc. or they could be dead relatives.

There are numerous methods the SP’s employ to send messages to us – a series of synchronicities, gut feelings, sudden insights, visions, or even sending actual people carrying valuable messages. Sometimes the manner in which SP’s arrange a certain event for you, could be frustrating or painful, but it’s best to surrender to the experience.

You can use different techniques to connect to your guides – the easiest way is to invite them into your life. You can also choose a physical object as a sign, i.e. you could select a red butterfly as a totem, set this as the sign, go about your day, and when you see the totem, know that your guides are ready to connect. No matter how you choose to invoke them into your life, be sure to hold an open mind, and be unattached to the outcome. Good luck connecting with your guide!

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