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They took their time. By doing so, they created something that has everything it takes to be one of the musical highlights of this year: Symmetry.

symmetryWe live in fast paced times. Many artists feel compelled to throw new tracks on the market every other day to remain on the agenda of DJs and dance floors. In this situation it can be seen as a risky venture to take two and a half years for the completion of a new album. Protonica did so anyway. It was totally worth it. “Symmetry” stands out in many different aspects. Protonica stay true to their signature sound – yet they present it in an amazingly fresh and innovative way. This is very noticable in the catchy groove of “Gravity”, just to name an example. There’s also some noteworthy cooperations, for instance with Liquid Soul and Ticon. Plus a flashback to the seminal Progressive Trance anthem “The Only Process” by Atmos. The album has a classic structure, it tells a story and actually follows a plot, all the way to the Chillout debut of Protonica at the very end. So it makes perfect sense that Symmetry comes in a mixed version, as well. Speaking of: There’s a new mix for the popular Psy-Nation Radio coming up, and another for radiOzora – the latter one as part of the Iboga Records series, where Protonica found a new home.

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Breathe in and breathe out and listen to your inner voice of quiet. Spread hope and love to the people! ❤ ... See MoreSee Less

Breathe in and breathe out and listen to your inner voice of quiet. Spread hope and love to the people! ❤

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Words of wisdom guys


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⚠ Hello fans, we need your support! Bandcamp waives its share of the sales revenue for 24 hours. If you like to help us would be great, because we need now every cent. You can chose from follow Protonica releases:

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Thank you!

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Symmetry, by Protonica
10 track album
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Bought the package, you are worth it guys. Keep on rocking 🥳

Will do_😍😎... Stay safe_ stay strong. loveandpeace_gregorundines_

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Stay home. Stay safe and healthy.

We hope to come back soon. Here you can listen to our third album and get a break from all the news overload.

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