Wonderful psychedelic life in the heart of Europe

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Slovakia is one of the states of Central Europe. It borders with Czech republic, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. Some sources call Slovakia also “The Heart Of Europe”. If you like to travel and to discover wonderful parts of world, Slovakia should definitely be one of your stops. This little-big country offers you wonderful nature scenery, with high mountains, beautiful valleys, historical towns – wonderful places for indoor or outdoor psychedelic parties.

The first psytrance party was organized by Cosmic Dance crew, in 1999. We could not forget Zdeno and Rolo baba, from Tatrance and their wonderful psyparties in the forest. Since then various crews started to organize psychedelic parties, because people beloved this kind of music very much. We can mention people and their crews like Cosmo from Noise Poison, Elephant, Ellisdee and Gyrro from Spectral Sound, Psygor and Stafa from Psyalaska, Psyonicle from Zahadum Sphere, Blue Monkey and Rastadanko from Radical Karma, Cerw and Zarrax from Experimental etc. Crews are still active in organizing indoor or outdoor events.