When did you start ?

The first t-shirts came out for the summer 2008. We are a new brand on the scene.

Please tell me about the history of your fashion label ?

We started to work on this project at the beginning of this year(2008).
But the vision came lot before.  We always liked the idea of t-shirt as media, and clothing as public art.

Whats the style of your label ?

We cannot and would not like to define our style for now. We are very new and we have a lots of imaginations of how to continue. But we prefer rather synthetic than organic style.

Please tell more about your concept ?

Quality of the products and impressive designs, large size screen prints are the core of our concept.
We would like to meet the fashion needs of the new generation of electronic dance music subculture.

With which materials do you produce your clothes ?

Our clothes are produced from 100% high quality light cotton. Our t-shirts are not deforming not shrinking. You can consider wearing them for long time. We are also planning to use lycra and cotton combination where it is applicable.
All our clothes are made in Macedonia.

What inspires you ?

Our main instigator is the electronic dance music culture. The new generation of graphic designers gave us the right interpretation of our imagination. Living 4 years in Tokyo gave us new directions. All these are reflecting on our work.

Where people or shops can buy your clothes ?

All our products are available in our online shop at . We would like to mention a positive feature of the online shopping at Public Beta: We deliver free of charge to whole Europe, and we have a reasonable fee for worldwide shipping.
We are in the process of supplying shops with similar style of clothing all over the world. You can find details on our website.

Do you have a stall at festivals ? If yes where ?

Public Beta was present at several festivals this summer across Europe. Like SpiritBase, Tshitraka, Full Moon, O.Z.O.R.A. etc.
We will be present at the major European festivals in 2009.

Please tell me more about your fashion label which was not asked here in this questionnaire.

We are very pleased that the people are recognizing the quality of our products and welcoming the idea of Public Beta.
Public Beta would like to thank you for your support and your trust. We will continue to build Public Beta for your pleasure.

Please Enjoy!
Keep Trancing!

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