For the past years, the Royal Queen Seeds company has been an important actor on the constantly expanding cannabis seed market. Thanks to reasonable prices, the high quality of the seeds, active participation in creation and distribution of female seeds and the so-called ‘automatic species’, Royal Queen Seeds has become one of the most prominent companies for growers worldwide.

Among all its botanic research, Royal Queen Seeds’ great progress in the field of auto-flowering seeds is one of the main factors for the recent popularity of the Dutch company. Normally, a feminised Indica or Sativa plant will need to be put on a 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness schedule to enter its blossom phase. That is why a plant growing outdoors will start blooming only when the days become shorter.

Royal Queen Seeds’ auto-flowering strains will start blooming without this typical lighting requirement, making possible a much earlier harvest.

Auto-flowering strains are Indica or Sativa plants that are crossed with the Ruderalis species. This cannabis species occurs in areas where the summer is very short. In consequence, in these regions there are relatively many hours of light, up to 22 or even 24 hours a day.

The Ruderalis strains will automatically enter their bloom phase within a very short period, usually within 2 to 4 weeks. The Ruderalis cannabis plants can mostly be found in Northern Europe, Russia and their neighboring countries such as China and Mongolia. There are Ruderalis varieties known that fully complete their flowering cyclus within 5 weeks. Unfortunately, these types of strains have a very low THC production and very small buds, so they are not suitable for the production of cannabis.

By crossing the Ruderalis with their Indica or Sativa strains, Royal Queen Seeds created a fast flowering strain with a high THC production and nice big buds.

The results are remarkable: It takes only an average 10 weeks from the seed to the harvest. The plants will remain rather small, while the feminisation process makes sure only the desired gender will grow. No matter what the lighting conditions are, the plant will automatically bloom after 2 – 4 weeks, making possible several harvests per season.

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