High THC gets the smoker buzzing with energy, and augments cerebral activity

Cannabis Sativa originated in the countries of South East Asia, Columbia, Mexico and Thailand.
These plants love the sun and thrive better in warmer climates.

Sativa seeds grow into tall thin bushes, with slender leaves that come in shades of light green. Under optimum growing
conditions, the plants can reach gigantic heights ranging between 6 to 25 feet. Sativa’s take a longer period of time
to grow than Indicas because the leaves contain a diminished amount of chlorophyll. This strain is more suited to outdoor
cultivation because it is accustomed to receiving a consistent quantity of sunshine; the plant has adapted to carry on
growing even when it is in bloom. Hence the buds move up the branches, this trait of growing simultaneously while flowering
gives the Sativa flowers their elongated appearance.

The germinating period is also comparatively longer than Indicas, and flowering period takes 10 to 16 weeks. The narrow
buds are sparsely packed, and the flavors range from sweet, to fruity, to tangy. This strain contains really high THC
content whereas the CBD percentage is much lower, hence the Sativa high gets the smoker buzzing with energy, and augments
cerebral activity. Sativa’s are better suited to psychological ailments such as depression, stress, anxiety, and are not too
effective at treating pain, and other physical disorders.


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