Autoflowering is a special treatment applied to seeds which alter the life cycle of cannabis plants.

Autoflowering seeds are a big boon to growers looking for a harvest of high quality weed in a relatively shorter span of time. Many newbie growers opt for these seeds because the plants will flower regardless of the duration of the photoperiod that regular plants require, and most seeds begin to flower within three weeks. Most autoflowering seeds are ready to be harvested after 7–9 weeks. These seeds are hybrids created from Cannabis Ruderalis and Cannabis Indica and/or Cannabis Sativa.

Ruderalis strains tend to have lower THC content, hence most growers compensate for the required level of THC by selecting plants with the high THC levels. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, the plants are short and stout, making them perfect for discreet cultivation. While germinating autoflowering seeds, the grower usually takes care that the seedlings are not overwatered or over-fertilized, since this creates stress in the plants, and the plants could fail to develop as expected. These seeds have limited growth spans since they start flowering early, and if grown in a pot about 18 litre in size, then by the time the roots reach near the bottom of the pot, the grower can anticipate flowers.


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