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She has the funk, she has the soul and calls it “Acid Rock’n’Roll.”

It must have been almost 20 years since I first met Conni at an old military airport in the shadow of the rocket. At that time she did not wear much more than a cardboard sign in front, one in the back (where she was promoting her CD “Be your own live act”) and on her head she had a mask. I mean to remember that it was not the Dino yet …

Somehow I was immediately fascinated by her. I could not escape the dedication with which she fulfilled this task in the “here and now” of that time. This devotion also runs like a red thread through her music, which is difficult to classify into conventional drawers. Alternative? Independent? Singer-Songwriter?
The graduate of the Rock’n’Roll the high school is so much more.Here is a particularly authentic way to name the program: Conni is hot as lava and the 303 puts you in hypnotic trance. She herself often calls it Acid Rock’n’Roll and her lyrics like to have something political. The Electro Riot Girl is a living rebellion against inflexible structures and sometimes, for example in “The Mama has to go dancing“, probably against her own blues.

The Amazon from “Frankfurt am Meer” takes us on a trip to her wonderland again and again. We meet witches playing guitar and give ourselves completely to the goddess herself. Feminism is sexy again, with hippie music and gipsy swing!Unfortunately, no vinyl can capture the whole Conni, as she loves the free improvisation too much, but with this compilation of her work from the years 2007-2019 you get a very good overview of some of the facets of this delightful artist from the Frankfurt Underground. (Liese)

Lava 303 „Planet Dino“ (Playground Productions) 2LP
DIGITAL | lava303 at bandcamp

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