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S.O.L’s designs contain potent symbols that inspire mind and soul,
that embody ideas of great and wise philosophers,
and take influence from geometric figures, beautiful psychedelic art and nature.
The screen-prints used reveal the similarity of the symbols of our daily life with the
powerful symbology that bridges different cultures and religions of the world.

S.O.L represents few elements within it’s name –
The “Seed Of Life” is created by seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry,
forming a pattern which acts as a basic component of the powerful “Flower of Life” design.
Sol represents the 5th note that is equal and solid in the musical scale, the G clef.
Also, in many languages Sol means the sun, the source of all life on our planet.

The art of S.O.L is influenced by mystical and spiritual experiences
that have nurtured awareness and consciousness.
These images evoke a message of a peaceful mind and a creative spirit,
a message that unites us regardless of religion or culture.

These unique and original designs are printed on garments and accessories that are manufactured in Israel,
using original fabrics that are local made of 100% cotton, super combed 30/1 and Lycra mix cotton-
are very comfortable and easy to wear.
The designs are printed on Silk Screens, very delicate and carefully Thanx to T4U studio that based in Tel-aViv.

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