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The portal-bounceress gave him a quick glance and cleared the way with a friendly nod. Sanctuary stood in neon red letters above the entrance. A heavy dark blue carpet curtain muffled the pleasure and joy screams that could be heard from the inside of the temple and mixed with violently pulsating bass kicks with tripple-triggered organ swells. The most promising sexy-time sound environment he had ever heard helped his lingam to a very poser posture at zero-time. Soltek paused for a moment to enjoy the holoid and then he entered.

The air felt warm, soft and comfortable. He got rid of his clothes and handed them over to a friendly, smiling ghost, who, like an Oriental dancing nymph, floated off not without whispering to him an eyelashed “amuse yourself well”. His master had always advised him against visiting the sanctuary, but after the last shockwave disaster his confidence in the dogma of the protocol had been thoroughly shaken, and he wondered for the first time whether the exact categorical opposite of all beliefs was the better choice of truth. He decided to make a picture of himself and to get to the bottom of this specialized multiverse. And what was more obvious than a visit to the sanctuary?
There he was, ready and definitely excited. He considered between a tour or rather to the bar first, …when a hand fell on his shoulder, or rather, something that at first felt like a gentle, loving hand and a voice he had never heard before in a language he had never heard before, a melody in his ear whispered, which, as soon as he heard it, atomised his orientation of reality. He saw how his last thought vanished in the distance and a space of emptiness occupied the places of the plans. It was emptier than empty, a nothing in the void of everything. Only the stream of respiratory waves gave his body a functional connection and in front of all that was still standing a stele of flesh and blood, his jade staff of eternal bliss. He had arrived to go and rid himself of all thoughts, there was no reason to deny himself the favor of the moment.

And there she was. The serpent of life kissed him directly in the middle of his center and ignited the flame sparks of his primordial sound textbook exactly at the lower amplitude reversal point. His essence code polyplied against infinity as the toroidal screen unfolded magnificently. Infinite intersections of countless waveforms formed a coherent field of complementary characters. His nature redeemed and Soltek became one with everything, and everything assimilated his nature. Break time thought the portal-bounceress.

“How great that I stopped smoking” and bit into an apple while the entrance sign as described by magic hand rewrote:
“Welcome to the place of no return”.

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