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With a unique sound blending ‘Full-On Psytrance and driving Techno,’ Sabretooth Records head honcho Ben Fraser – aka Sabretooth – has been carving up dance floors up and down Europe with his live set.

Ben is often celebrated as a secret hero on the UK underground dance circuit for his punishing live performances and his innovative production style. He set up Sabretooth Records in 2005 and has gone on to release over 50 tracks digitally, spanning and interweaving the Psy – Techno – Trance – Hard dance spectrum.

His unique sound is united by a driving energy and attention to detail second to none. In recent years he’s focused his efforts on a project entitled Sabretooth, a snarling techy twist on the usual Full-On Psytrance sound.

His third Psy album Sabretooth 3 is a testament to this, progressing through different facets of the Psy world and culminating in adrenaline-fueled electronic punk track $20 Dollar Bill and rip-roaring Psy-tech beast Trak 2.

Besides his resident‘s slot at Planet Zogg (Sheffield, UK), Ben has toured his live set around Europe extensively with performances at Glade Festival, Dancing Dragon (Slovenia), Egodrop and Neuroshocked (both Poland), Elements of Nature and Psyonara (both Sweden) amongst others.

Ben Fraser hat Sabretooth Records aufgebaut, um nach 12 Jahren Schlagzeug seiner Liebe für Goatrance zu huldigen; Mit treibendem, Acid-angereichertem Schmutz, dem ganz eigenem Ben Fraser Sound, mit dem er die Tanzenden in vielen Clubs im UK und einigen europäischen Festivals u.a. Glade Festival, Waveform, Shamania (alle UK), Neuroshocked, Nuclear Fallout, Absurd Grooves (alle Polen), Dancing Dragon (Slowenien) sowie Elements of Nature (Schweden) zum Ausrasten gebracht hat.

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Ben Fraser returns with a third album under his Sabretooth guise, incorporating his usual blend of all things deep, dark and driving.
Notorious for his meticulous production, uncompromising driving sound and punishing live performances, Ben Fraser is a producer at the top of his game.

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