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We’ve all seen a lot of visionary paintings, obviously a central element of our scene culture. But ‘visionary photography’…what exactly is that meant to be? Meet Australian Steven Willis: This space communicator has returned to Earth to help make it a more interesting and beautiful place to look at. Under the lights of his studio he’s creating visionary photography that continues to capture the imagination of beings everywhere.

What is your work about?

I make sense out of the abstract in a very particular and peculiar way. My intention is to show the connections that exist in all things using a very personal visual language and by harnessing the power of design. It is about engaging my viewer’s imagination, surrendering to the possibilities of what may be, and enjoying that process of discovery.

Who is your influence?

I draw a lot of inspiration from ancient knowledge, sacred geometry, surrealist artists, my unique perspective on reality, and of course my Psytrance roots!

What are you working on right now?

I am currently designing Cover Art, and EP’s for artists and record labels in Australia and the United States. I am also preparing to take my work on tour around the Australian festival circuit this summer.

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