A cutting edge product

The Xtreme Output series of GIB Lighting really lives up to its name. With the new model ‚Pure Bloom Spectrum‘ the Berlin lamp factory has namely set an as yet unsurpassed performance standard.
Extreme output means extreme input for the lovely plants – which again results in extreme output, namely in terms of flower- and crop development. But enough of flowery words. Let‘s get to the technological facts. The new Pure Bloom Spectrum provides 92.000 Lumen and more than 1200 PAR. Featuring these parameters it can be called the top high-performance EDL available on the market. The red spectral range is maximal, the blue spectral range minimal.

Everyone who is concerned with the growth of plants knows, what that means: Optimal light for the second part of the blossoming phase, in which the yield can be significantly increased once again. And everyone who is concerned with lamps by GIB Lighting will recognize the Pure Bloom Spectrum as cutting edge product development. The company produces in Germany entirely and has not only gained a name through consistent innovation, but also through reliable quality.


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