A 58-year-old patient with a neurological disorder has to go to prison without probation because he will not use weed from the pharmacist.

No probation for growing at home!

It is simply a tragedy. The German federal government has just passed a new law aimed at facilitating access to cannabis medicine, but still justice‘s fist hits the poorest of the poor without mercy. Now, a 58-year-old cannabis patient suffering from Tourettes syndrome has to go to jail because he cannot afford his medication from the pharmacist. Though in possession of an exempt permit from the National Opium Agency, he cannot afford his medicine‘s costs because of his illness. However, without cannabis, the patient‘s daily life is not manageable, which is why he sought a different solution in his distress: he grew his hemp plants at home. Which is affordable and gives you control over the quality as well. In addition, it does cost neither health insurance nor solidarity community a cent, plus many patients are able to participate in social life and to work because of their medicine. The 58-year-old requires up to eight joints daily which he will certainly not get in jail. Yet, his lawyer won‘t give up and bother higher judicial authorities.

Markus Berger

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