Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam 2014 Cover

Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam 2014 Cover

Every year seven million tourists are visiting Amsterdam, from which one and a half million are visiting a coffeeshop. For the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, this argument was quite enough to stand up against the ‘weed pass’ which was introduced in the Netherlands in 2013. Van der Laan: “These one and a half million tourists are not going to say ‘OK, then we won’t buy any weed’. They’ll swarm over the city searching for drugs!”
Amsterdam didn’t introduce the weed pass and also the swarming will end, because: The Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam is the first book which informs about all coffeeshops in Amsterdam!

This guide provides accurate and up-to-date information, because every coffeeshop in Amsterdam has been personally visited. This guide is for everyone who is interested in coffeeshops in some way or another: for those who are thinking of visiting a coffeeshop for the first time, or for the regular coffeeshop client who is wondering what else he should be checking out.
But this book isn’t just a guide; it is a product of the liberal disposition of the Amsterdam society, and tells why coffeeshops were possible in Amsterdam in the first place, and not somewhere else.

The book provides information about the size of the venues, outdoor seating options (if possible) and practical information, such as addresses, opening times and the refreshments they offer.
“But what about the smoke?” we hear you ask. Don’t worry; we have included a description of the menu too, divided into weed and hash offerings as well as the differences between sativa and indica. Besides WHAT to smoke, this guide also tells HOW to smoke: the paraphernalia the coffeeshops are offering, such as vaporizers, water pipes and bongs …

An extended ‘best of’ list
A third of all coffeeshops in the Netherlands are situated in Amsterdam. There are more than 200 shops. An extended ‘Best of’ list gives a survey, but actually every coffeeshop in Amsterdam is worth a visit for one reason or another. In this guide each coffeeshop has its Unique Smoking Point! This could be the stylish or weird interior, the specific music style, the great coffee being served or the gorgeous outdoor terrace for relaxing. And if there’s nothing much to tell about the place … well, that could be read between the lines.
The guide also includes the coffeeshops outside of the centre, with their special ambiance, better pricing or good quality. Places where the locals go; less known must-see places!

Further information
The main part of this guide provides reviews of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, but there’s more information than that, such as articles about organized smuggling, secret warehouses, the role of the ‘runners’ in the distribution of smoking products around Amsterdam and the peculiarities in Dutch law about the cannabis business.
There’s a special article for people who are visiting a coffeeshop for the first time, including info about what to smoke and what to do if it you have smoked too much.
Another article steps back to the beginning of coffeeshops in the 70s. Which problems did the shops have to face and how did they find their place in legislation? The recent law situation (weed pass, ‘Project 1012’ and the ‘distance criteria’ ensuring there are no coffeeshops within 250 metres of a school) is covered by another article.

The book has much more to offer than just text. The publishers want to share the atmosphere of Amsterdam with their readers, and a good way to do that is by enlisting the work of a local painter. The book shows also illustrations from one of Amsterdam’s contemporary artists.
The book has 10 chapters, dividing Amsterdam into 10 regions. Each chapter starts with a map with all the coffeeshops marked.

Yearly editions
The authors and the publishers of this book are working totally independent. This allows them to do all the research undercover to get the most authentic experience. This coffeeshop guide will be updated every year, with the next edition scheduled for release in the beginning of 2015.

Where to buy?
The book is available in souvenir shops, book shops and gift shops in Amsterdam. Or online via:, “”, or

Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam 2014

Language: English
product dimensions: 14,8 x 14,8 x 2 cm
190 pages


ISBN-13: 978-90-821366-0-9

weight: 235 grams

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