Please tell us a little about your artistic bandwidth!
I‘m an decoration artists for almost 15 years now: Large, fluorescent backdrops and huge sails to hang on the ceiling. Apart from that, I also do abstract, fluorescent paintings on canvas. I had quite some exhibitions, e.g. in Germany, Denmark and Portugal. I frequently sell my canvases, but so far it‘s not enough to live from it.

Over the years I developed my very own spatula technique: First I apply the colour with a spatula, working with what I call „controlled“ coincidence, and then I add black outlines. The effect is that every observer discovers something else, for instance animals, grotesque faces or figures – often it‘s things I haven‘t even seen myself.

What was a really nice compliment you received?
“What you are doing here is actually no decoration. It‘s more like a real art exhibition.”

How can people get in touch with you?
I have a beautiful homepage There‘s a lot of things to look at, and also you‘ll find a contact form so you can write me a message if you are interested in one of my paintings or if you want to book me as a decoration artist for an event.


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