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Soulclipse - Time of the Eclipse

Soulclipse – Time of the Eclipse

Bridging Asia and Europe, Turkey is one of the countries where Trance culture is influenced by European festivals on the one side and Israel and India on the other side. The Soulclipse Festival in 2006 was probably the kick off for the Trance movement in Turkey with 10,000 people, organised by Indigo Kidz from Israel. Though hampered by large logistical and organisational problems it was the best festival Turkey has seen until today. Another festival, Tree of Life, also organised by Israelis in co-operation with local Turkish promoters, gathered nearly 2,000 people last year and will regroup this year with Yaniv (U-Recken) being the main man behind all of this.

Izmir is considered one of the hot-spots: beautiful weather all year long, amazing beaches, friendly and open locals and killa food! Last year the smaller festival Compound gathered a stunning selection of artists. It was one of the most authentic parties ever which lasted for 4 days on a private beach near Foca. The same crew organises regular events as Aural Dimension (in March) and club parties in Izmir. Shanti Tribe is another important promoter for regular parties, climaxing in Pakawala Festival every 2 years. Voltron Festival took place in 2012 as well, with a mostly darkish and foresty music touch. Another professional festival in 2013 will be Nomad Festival near Antalaya: with a great line up and fantastic venue do not miss this party! Mind Manifest is another crew throwing regular events in all the hot-spots like Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir, Ankara or Aydin. They teamed up with Psyleb from Lebanon and were responsible for Elemental Evolution in 2009.

Compound Festival - Sunset

Compound Festival – Sunset

Istanbul is another hot-spot. It features international as well as local artists. In total the scene is not so big yet but it seems that in the last years Psytrance has become more popular among mostly young people. Regarding artists, there are not yet so many who are booked abroad, except for Djane Sinay and Wackywhack.
But there are countless talents. There are also many very talented visual and deco artists in Turkey, annually uniting in art exhibitions in Istanbul.

As to drugs, they are illegal and punishment can be harsh but compared to other Muslim countries Turkey is actually one of the most liberal ones! Weed is available virtually everywhere. The mild climate is perfect for growing it. The quality is quite good, mostly bio and outdoor and prices are low. Other drugs are not so openly available and it’s a nearly a year ago that Turkey has seen its last big wave of acid.
Chemical designer drugs are gaining though! Alcohol and cigarettes are highly taxed. It might be clever to bring your own Jaegermeister!

All in all Turkey is a beautiful spot to travel, to party, to meet new friends and to simply have a good time! Hospitality is amazing, the people are open and interested in new input, the country is beautiful no matter what time of the year, the beaches are endless and the food one of the best I ever came across! Enjoy Turkey!


DJ Boom Shankar - Profile Pic Orange

DJ Boom Shankar – Profile Pic Orange

Armin / Dj Boom Shankar
BMSS Records/
Transition/SUN Festival

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