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The South African duo Corona is held to be one of the most up-and-coming projects in the field of intelligent Psy Trance music at moment. Tracks of their second album ‘Sonar Luminescence’ have been carefully distributed among international dj‘s and gained amazing feedback so far. So it’s gonna be a real kick-start in terms of serious Psy Trance when this work will be released on Solar Tech Records in January.

The year 2011 draws to an end. What have been highlights for you?

One of the highlights in 2011 for us was definitely playing Earthdance in Cape Town, it‘s always a special event and it was also the first time we showcased our new material. Another would have to be playing at Alien Safari. In general we love the direction the scene is heading, things are getting exciting, 2012 is going to be a great year with lots of promising acts pushing boundaries and keeping it fresh.

Your second album will be released on Solar Tech Records. Why did you decide to release it on this label?

We have had a longstanding relationship with label owner DJ Natron and we like the direction the label is headed. With fresh sounds from both reputable and up-and coming artists such as Waio, Brainiac, Chabunk, Breathead, Tulk, Shockwave, and recently joined S-Range, a favourite of ours for sure.

How would you describe the new album?

For ‘Sonar Luminescence’ we concentrated on tighter production, with a good flow. Edgier, cleaner, rounder sound that translates well on the big rigs. The new album has come a long way from the first, we have learnt a lot and have a better idea of the style we want to be producing, and I think it shows in Sonar Luminescence. As far as inspiration goes we‘re inspired by anything from Classic to Dubstep. Within the Psy Trance genre I would have to say especially the new wave of producers such as Headroom and Captain Hook.

Also, Solar Tech announced your Europe tour. Where will you play?

Yes we are really looking forward to the Europe tour. We will be there from May to September. A hi on facebook
corona /solar Tech Records

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