420 is dead, and its followers are necrophiliacs
by Zeus Tipado (High Times USA)

Sure it’s a pretty harsh concept to ingest. Entire livelihoods were based on eagerly looking at the clock, waiting for
the 4:20 pm (or am) to strike in order to spark up your favorite indica. However that’s in the past – stop being an old
codger and embrace the future. Embrace the 710.


The world’s first completely wax-exclusive cup was held in San Bernardino, California – and the appropriately named ‘710 Cup’
spanned two days of superhuman dabbing, heroic edible eating, and just an array of legal(ish) cannabis infused goodies being
flung around like Frisbees. If Willy Wonka decided to dump the chocolate and get into the wax game, the 710 Cup is undoubtedly where he would debut his newest product.

Upon entering the cup, the sheer number of cannabis innovations that are being designed specifically for stoners is overwhelming. From a grandmother that makes tropical fruit beverages infused with THC called ‘Lemonfade’ to the overly heady and scientific guys at SoL Select that refines their own wax from other people’s wax – everyone seemed to be represented at the 710 Cup.


Aside from the business side, the activism happening throughout the event was made very apparent with ballots, petitions,
and initiatives sprinkled on tables and booths. Aligning yourself with certain movements was often rewarded with a free hit from a dab rig, or at times a free edible with companies that partnered with activists. Granted, that’s on top of the complimentary treats that were sporadically being given away. There was no such thing as a contact high in this event – everyone was blissfully elevated and temporary resided on a plane of existence that seemed so primal in nature that we speculated if humanity permanently remained like this, every national conflict, economic war and religious conflict could be resolved in a single weekend. There was no grand equation to be solved by government authorities on how to ‘fix’ society. This was the answer.


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