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Since they teamed up in 2003, Goran Toprek and Rastko Palikuca became prime examples for the growing strength and importance of the Serbian dance music scene, for the Psy Trance scene in particular. Representing a stimulating, melodic yet simultaneously deep sound, their project Alternative Control constantly gained reputation among the international Trance crowd. Just recently their second album has been released on Dacru Records, bearing the meaningful name Alternating Current.

‘We feel that the tracks on our new album are all experiments in different directions. The repertoire is maybe going to be a slightly strange experience for the rather conservative Psy Trance audience, being different in concept from all the Full On music being produced today in such vast quantity’, one of the two Belgrade based guys reflects on the recent work.

Indeed, Alternating Current keeps what its name promises: From the first track, the variety of music on this album is remarkable. From classical, deep full-on titles to progressive house flavoured funk explosions! Including light melodies that hover above wobbling bass and break structures, just about everything can be heard! A stimulating flow is the result and therefore far away from the frontiers of minimalism or boredom.

‘Being objective about the quality of our work is the most important part when we are in the studio together. Judging ourselves objectively usually helps to make our music less flawed’, Rastko explains. It is clear this method worked out pretty well again! The new album is dedicated to the ingenious Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla by the way, who also combined very different ideas and principles to create literally ‘highly energetic’ productions.

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Alternative Control „Alternating Current’
Dacru Records
After a successful 1st album, many compilations & co-operations, the Serbian duo have steered its sound in a new direction. Alternating Current reinvents the Alternative Control sound, keeping its identity, but exploring new & exciting digital boundaries. With a broad range of BPMs, the aim is to please the general electronic music lover & stimulate the senses in ways previously unthinkable! Top notch production is the amazing result!

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