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North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) borders with Belgium and the Netherlands and therefore it is not uncommon to encounter our neighbours in large numbers during the summer events or bigger indoor parties.

Almost every bigger town as well as more remote areas has a local scene. In Sauerland region some of the early Psy events started and attracted people from all over Germany and beyond to come to the Grube in Winterberg, where events still take place occasionally, or the Cult in Arnsberg. Old Industry buildings in NRW are often reused for events so it has a nice techno-ish industrial touch to it. The Synaptic Eclipse Festival, for the first time in Meppen this year happened, took place near a huge tower, that was illuminated and with mappings at night. Because of the dense population in NRW outdoor events are rare here. One big exception is the Waldfrieden, which is located in a beautiful area near Osnabruck and hosts club-nights as well as two major festivals,The “ Hai in den Mai” and the “Wonderland Open Air” in August. Formally known as a hotspot for progressive music they have evolved their bookings to be pretty open-minded and diverse without losing their integrity with a good hand in finding unique temporary music that is also nighttime-friendly.

There are also events in Bochum, Aachen “Per Anhalter ins All”, Bonn (Goa Backstage) “Why So Serious “ in the club Druckluft Oberhausen. The “Psy Tribe Crew” who is also organising VooV Experience has a regular series of parties in Cologne at the Domhof. Lately the scene has been shrooming in and around Münster, especially the club Charlotte, which was forced to close down. But there is hope; they managed to get a lot of support and solidarity. Fingers crossed are that the “living room” may reopen sometime soon. Other events in Münster take place in the Sputnik Halle, where the Bassmania rocks regular the crowd. The Psykult Festival is part of the Porta Westfalica Festival, one of the biggest and longest running free festivals in Germany. Kerstin (Dj Gutemine) and her team are bringing Psytrance to a fresh crowd every year who enthusiastically celebrate and explore the new brainfood. Another big player with years of experience is Andre from Vibes Productions who does various events in different places in NRW during the year. For someone not from this state it is difficult to find your way through the mass of events, which are too numerous to count. One thing is for sure. NRW is action packed and full of variety.
Daksi, Bim, Miss Verständnis, Manjula

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