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Each Party has to be beautiful!

Arne and Bernd are a sizzling decoration-team. They bring together their individual orientations to ever surprising overall concepts again and again.

Fuelled by years of experience, for example, within the former decoration-team T.O.M.K.A. Additionally Arne was inspired at the EXPO 2000 and afterwards started off with stretch fabrics. Whereas Bernd was flashed by the decoration of Freunde der Sonne. In 2004, T.O.M.K.A. disbanded, Arne continued and got to know Telisee through various coops (with Schwarzlichtkinder, 3D) and orders from organizers (VooV Experience, Traxx / Roxx, ov-silence) better.

Bernd’s penchant went towards moving objects, small worlds and used many options, such as painting, slide projections, shadow games and much more. While Arne created organic tunnels and caves and one day also lunged for colours. It is interesting that Bernd prepares things in the run-up to an event and then hangs them up on the spot, while Arne has many items in his luggage to re-arrange them in the location. But exactly this combination is the exciting thing of their joint decoration-conception.

Today their artistic homebase is the ov-silence. From there, they start their diverse actions, incorporating innovative ideas. Including eg updating or recycling existing decoration with new lighting arrangements. From the EXPO, Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, VooV Experience, Traxx / Roxx, and complete long-term designs from locations up to the Juice Club, their common way as a “team of two individual teams” continues. And they still have great things to do: creating total works of art, the fusion of decoration towards a certain point. Because “every party must be beautiful”. No question.


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