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The Hyper Space Reporter moved to another level

A life visualized and timed in moments, illustrated by the eye with focus on documentation of the scene. With Udo Herzog a part of this scene died, which we will notice in the future not only by the absence of his photographs.

While travelling to India, Goa he discovered his love for the psytrance culture.The subculture with parties, protagonists, decorations and freaks in their habitat was his intention and at the same time his motto. To capture this life.
The Zeitgeist and the development in our latitudes, with or without filter, but as far as conciseness is concerned: “No filter, like a rolling stone”. He belonged to this generation and therefore he was certainly granted an eye for the essential, indispensable for photographers. The chronicler has left the Trail of Trance.

“To die before I get old – who I am and where I’m going” (P. Townshend).
The film is raptured, but it is hoped only in our dimension.
Dear Udo, you and your camera – you will be missing and we say thank you!

Rest in Pics, may it be colourful where you are now!

Baum, Kiel in May 19
and the mushroom team

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