BMSS Records: Brother Moon, Sister Sun

bmss records

BMSS Records is an European record label focused on the entire spectrum of the psychedelic trance bubble. Their goal is to use their label as a mirror to the always evolving psytrance scene.
As a result, expect from them a large variety of psychedelic, progressive and as well as chill out tunes. They look for intelligent and psychedelic music – something that kicks you out to space but guarantees a safe landing.
The label has been involved in the scene since the mid nineties, so you get quality artists with releases that push towards new boundaries. Here‘s a saucy compilation from them:

Interplanetary Communications

Kali – Spooky Stuff
Imaginarium – Nature of Consciousness
ShivaTree – Spectral Sign
Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar – Simulated Reality (Cimi Remix)
Perfect Tone – Pray from Africa

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