Now they have arrived in Germany as well, the US American bolides of cannabis business. In April, they will hold a first conference in Berlin.

US-Conference on canna-business in Berlin

icbc-by-matt-emrichCannabis is a multi-billion dollar business. This is becoming increasingly apparent in the US states, which have pushed through legalization so far. And as is usual, when the waves of capitalism stir up society particularly eminently, there are always many who are carried away by these. Therefore, a US organizer is now organizing an edition of his opulent International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) not only in San Francisco, Canada, Vancouver and the Hawaiian island of Kauai but also in Berlin. The congress surely is opulent because the entrance fee for ordinary visitors alone is a staggering $ 399 in pre-sale.

In this way the more disagreeable clientele of your average pot lover are blocked out. A number of speakers will be speaking at the Maritim Pro Arte Hotel in Berlin from April 10-12, for example author Ed Rosenthal, DHV boss Georg Wurth, cannabis journalist Michael Knodt, as well as other well-known people such as Republican Congressman Dana Rorbacher and dispensary pioneer Steve DeAngelo. The conference‘s theme: canna-business.

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