hanf, cannabis,The unwavering persistence of MaryJane’s liberation army is finally dissolving the steely chrysalis of outdated mandates that has encased the beautiful plant for over half-a century. Read on for a recap of global cannabis scene.

A few years into the past, the voices that sang in support of cannabis, blocked out by the mountains of super-harsh legislation never reached the ears of the majority of society. It was marijuana ghost-town, with a few lonely tumbleweeds rolling desolately over the deserted landscape. Of course, that didn’t mean there were no cannabis lovers. When the laws grew tight, cannabis city simply migrated underground. And in that mighty Empire from the curb-corner pushers, to the secret smokers, right up to the king-pins, laws could come and go to hell, because business in cannabis city was booming as usual.


But shoot back to the present, and ba-bang, the tumbleweeds have blossomed into a mighty steam-engine that’s chugging down the track, screaming “Full power!” And the inhabitants of the clandestine society are migrating back to the surface. Today, the strength of the weed-wagon has grown so immensely, that even the sharp blade of the red-tape scythe is unable to hack down the grass, (if one is to speak in metaphors).


These days it’s impossible for ‘4.20’ hours to pass without something weedy cropping up. Where once it was taboo to even mention marijuana, it’s now common to hear debates spinning around the difference between decriminalization and legalization, or pros and cons of the weed legalization, or even hemp vs weed. People are opening their hearts to the plant, and the convoluted idea that marijuana is a ‘dangerous addiction’ pursued solely by the rebellious sectors of society is disintegrating despite the efforts of hardliners to maintain status quo.

The men in white labcoats a.k.a the science guys must be given a share in the credit. From PTSD treatment, to therapeutic applications for autistic children, to multiple sclerosis, to cancer, with each addition to the ever augmenting list of serious and potentially life threatening illnesses that can cured or alleviated by marijuana, the case for complete decriminalization grows sweeter. Science has redeemed the worth of the weed. On the Hemp side, the application of the fibre is also growing at an exponential rate, or some would even say ‚ at viral speeds‘. By a rough approximation, about 20,000 products can be created from Hemp.


For all the MJ supporters, it’s a victory that’s been well earned and well-watered by years of relentless struggle. The award for the ‘Most Intelligent Move So Far’, goes via unanimous decision to Uruguay, for making history in 2013, by becoming the first country in the world to legalize marijuana. The other medals can be handed to the states in North America, Europe and South America that have launched the wave of marijuana decriminalization. Given the rapid evolution of the scene, compilations of various countries that may soon be joining Uruguay are all over the internet. The nominees so far are: Jamaica, Spain, Czech Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Peru, Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada….and perhaps even the entire United States, since there is a lot of pro-culture activity in that part of the globe.


What’s more, the Italian army has been authorized to grow medicinal marijuana to meet the countries needs. Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin stated, „From a pharmaceutical point of view, there are no issues with medical marijuana use as its beneficial effects are out of doubt.” Standing ovation. A spade should be the only weapon an army should wield.


On the fun side, the spate of legalization has lead to a spurt in ‘marijuana dating websites.’ These websites aim to help you skip that ‘awkward moment’ when you ask your date, if they do the deed, and they look at you like you are some sort of rabies covered convict. Or, if you’re in Colorado you can go on a cannabis tour. These are just a few examples of the spin-off avenues of income that the legalization is creating. Entrepreneurs are scurrying about, developing marijuana related businesses without actually selling weed, such as hydroponics equipment, special soil, etc. The industry has matured and is economical viable, therefore soon enough cash counters could be ringing home the gold.


Cannabis is also attracting new but unlikely ‘suitors’, traditional businesses, that shunned the lady but who now wish to cash-in on the growth spurt. Big Money in the form of the fourth richest man in the world, Warren Buffets, has expressed interest in the plant. His holdings intend to invest in real-estate, i.e. providing warehouse spaces for growing medical marijuana in Colorado, Washington and California.

All in all this is positive news for cannabis city, as traditional investors have the potential to expedite the rate of legalization.

Viva la Marijuana Nation!

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