Adrien Interview 2019

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AdrienFrom the clubs of Zurich to the Universo Parallelo Festival: Swiss DJ with Croatian roots Adrien Subasic plays global stages under the flag of Blue Tunes Records.

You’re a big fan of Universo Parallelo. What do you appreciate most about this festival?

Well, you can combine the bathing and beach holidays on the coast of Bahia with electronic music and experience one of the most diverse festivals in the world. And DJs and club musicians don’t slip into the role of rock stars: it’s all very familiar, everyone celebrates at the same level. What’s also special is that nobody sleeps in the hotel, simply because there are none – everyone sleeps in the tent or in the “pousada”, a very rustic mass shack. This creates a sense of connectedness.

For a healthy community it is existential that Swiss DJs and musicians can play at the scene’s important parties and festivals, such as Burning Mountain, right?

Unfortunately not. Especially not at Burning Mountain. It’s a for-profit festival, and it’s easy to tell. Swiss musicians are only gap fillers and sidekicks here, who have to play in a side tent at 30 degrees, while the international ones get the main stage.
On the other hand, the One Love Festival shows how it should be, how to maintain the community. As a visitor, you can clearly feel that and that’s why they are gaining more and more loyal fans – and rightly so!

As Adrien you also play House. No contradiction?

I don’t think so, no. Especially as far as Zurich, a House city, is concerned. Especially in times of fusion and when proggie fans also listen to House and vice versa. Of course I don’t play proggie at house parties and I love to play and produce Tech House as well as Psytrance. Sometimes I like to scratch Hip Hop; I like Chillout and Downtempo very much. I think it’s eminently important to be open to other genres in order to maintain musical curiosity. You can learn something from everyone.

What projects are you planning in the near future?

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about them. One has to do with Brazil and Psytrance, the other with Switzerland and legal cannabis. This year I will also be launching my Tech House releases and launching a new style in video production, one that doesn’t exist yet. At the Universo Paralello I’m playing for the third time this year and last but not least the Halfmoon Festival in Thailand is on the program next March. Just follow me on your favourite media: It’s there first.

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Danke Baden, Mdvents Support & SupplyppLaden 5en 5 und allen TΓ€nzerinnen und TΓ€nzern die mit uns dem Regen getrotzt haben. #sundancebaden

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fucking awesome bro :O πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀘

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Heute DJ Set im Terminus Club, Olten
Von 02.00 - 03.30 drehe ich die Teller
Melodiik - Future Progressive Music
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Heute DJ Set im Terminus Club, Olten
Von 02.00 - 03.30 drehe ich die Teller
Melodiik - Future Progressive Music
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