More and more young people are taking drugs. Particularly cannabis is the number one drug among teens – obviously also in the schoolyard.

Kush and Haze instead of recess snack

According to the Deutsche Ärzte-Zeitung, drug-related offences are increasing in German schools at this time. Thus, „drug-related crime has increased dramatically in recent years. This is shown by figures from the provincial courts and the ministries of the interior“, reports the newspaper (Ärzte-Zeitung, 23.01.2017). The paper examines whether this is a sign that prevention has failed with adolescents. In particular, the „social belittlement of cannabis“ would be a major problem, the German Federal Drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler (CSU) is quoted by the medical newspaper – who is the personification of incompetence in the field of drug policy. That this restrictive anti-drug policy might be at the core of the evil, no one gets it. That perhaps current preventive measures are not useful, intrudes no one‘s mind neither. Instead, the medical newspaper quotes Udo Beckmann, chairman of the Teacher Association Education and Training (VBE), who said that „a toughening of access to drugs by society is required“. That this can only be achieved by means of a regulated distribution, even the last one will notice soon hopefully.

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