Earthdance-2014-334-300x300Egypt has seen many changes and is in a constant restless process of reformation. As the Sinai was an Israeli tourist destination until some years ago, there has been psychedelic trance and art projects already present, but these were forgotten and haven’t been around for quite a while…

In 2011 the scene started reviving when the German Psytrance crew “Freunde Der Sonne” with their organiser & DJ Jannik Beathead came to Dahab, the little Hippie paradise on the south coast of Sinai!

In 2012 the first Psytrance festival was held in the beautiful desert around Dahab. The birth of Desert Dance Festival! With the help of locals, Bedouins and European artists the festival developed quickly and now is getting ready for its 4th edition in April 2.-5. 2015!

During the last 3 years there has been aside from Desert Dance a nonstop psytrance evolution, all based in Dahab. The building of a community is in progress since there are many offerings such as: Indoor Parties, Clubs, Private venues, beach raves, festivals in the desert… The scene is based here!

The interest of many middle Eastern and European performers and travellers is transforming the Desert Dance into an international psychedelic gathering, which can be called the first event of its kind to be held in the mystic and ancient country that gives us so much inspiration and wisdom about our species and our culture…

The crew behind all activities is called “Sun Network” and according to them they are expanding to start events in Cairo and other cities to spread the vibe and spirit that gets a unique taste in this area where not long ago the strive to revolt and change took over everyone and every media in the world.

Psy-Seeing in Egypt: Points of interest

Dahab – Old Hippie town, now also a tourist destination! Known for Watersports, Yoga, meditation, relaxation, chilled vibes and Hippie clothes!

Ras Shetan – Between Dahab and Taba (close to the border of Israel)! Beautiful bungalows directly at the sea, cheap conditions (backpackers) and the most chilled vibe shared by many different people representing various countries and cultures!

Best place to eat:
Local food places are cheap, normally come with a variety of plates in every meal (e.g. chicken with salad, tahina, bread, rice, vegetables and soup) and include some offers for vegetarians.Generally Egyptian like meat and many kinds of fried foods, but there is some local specialities that should be tried at least once! Find out more by asking the locals!

Written by Jannik Beathead

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