Being a part of the ancient Chinese Tao philosophy, Feng Shui is traditionally a concept for the harmonic planning of tombs, but also gardening is greatly influenced by this idea. In the Western world it is widely known as a concept for architecture and particularly interior design. The central element of Feng Shui is Qi, the universal energy of life.

It is believed that an unhindered flow of Qi, but sometimes also a specific accumulation of this energy in the living environment of any individual, is a major factor for well-being and luck. The subject of Feng Shui is very complex, so matching the spring season on the Northern hemisphere we just want to give you some inspiration for having a clean-out.

Now look at that!
Go through your wardrobe. For sure you will find the one or the other item you don’t even remember. Get rid of it! Only the fact that you don’t remember a garment or a pair of shoes is enough evidence that it has no place in your life any more. If you get rid of it, you create space for something new- even if it’s only a little more space, light and air in your home!

Sentimental junk
It won’t be easy to get rid of certain items. You don’t need them, but they are connected with some beautiful memory. Feng Shui describes the majority of these items as ‘sentimental junk’. If you believe in invisible energy flows or not- there are some good reasons to reduce the amount of sentimental junk at your home and to keep only the really important things. Getting rid of some stuff will make the objects left more valuable, simply because of the fact that there are less of them, and each one becomes more exclusive!

This was just a tiny little aspect of applied Feng Shui.
If you liked it, let us know- we will continue this series!

An dieser Stelle ein klein bisschen angewandtes Feng Shui, die chinesische Lehre vom harmonischen Fluss der Lebensenergie Qi. Passend zum Frühlingsanbruch möchten wir dir ein paar Anregungen zum Entrümpeln deiner vier Wände geben.

Sicher hast auch du die eine oder andere Klamotte, an die du dich schon gar nicht mehr erinnerst. Hinaus damit! Allein die Tatsache, dass du dich nicht mehr erinnerst, beweist, dass sie keinen Platz mehr in deinem Leben hat. Es wird nicht immer leicht sein, sich von Dingen zu trennen, denn oft verbinden wir sie mit Erinnerungen.

Im Feng Shui nennt sich das Sentimentaler Schrott. Er nimmt Platz, Licht und Luft in deiner Wohnung weg, blockiert den Energiefluss. Wenn du dich aufs wesentliche besinnst, kommen die einzelnen Dinge auch gleich viel besser zur Geltung!

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