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KiBa war über viele Jahre für ihren energiegeladenen Full-On Sound in der Szene bekannt. Inzwischen hat sich ihr Style in Richtung Forest entwickelt, womit sie bei Damaru Records ihre persönliche Label Heimat gefunden hat.

Von Full-On zu Forest

Als Kiba das erste Mal an den CD-Playern stand, hatte sich ihr Musikgeschmack bereits zum Full-On hin entwickelt. Jahrelang spielte sie Tracks von Artists wie Menog, Scorb oder Spacetribe. Während sich in ihren Augen und Ohren der Full-On zu moderner Pop Musik entwickelte, veränderte sie ihren Stil in die psychedelische Richtung hin zu Forest und Twisted Psy. Auf Gigs bereitet sie sich vor, indem sie schon zu Hause neue Tracks ausprobiert. So hat sie vor jedem Set die Musik im Kopf, die zu ihrer Spielzeit und der Party passt. Besonders liebt sie es, im Flow zu sein, wenn sie zwischen dem Mixen selbst die tollen Parts der Tracks genießen kann und zu sieht, wie die Leute auf dem Floor dieselbe Freude empfinden.

KiBa has been known in the scene for years for her energetic Full-On Sound and has come around a lot. Through the affiliation with Damaru Records, she has now also found her personal label home.

From Full-On to Forest

When Kiba first appeared behind the CD players, her musical taste had already developed towards Full-On. For years she played tracks from artists such as Menog, Scorb and Spacetribe. While in her eyes and ears Full-On developed into modern pop music, she changed her style towards the psychedelic direction to Forest and Twisted Psy. For gigs she prepares herself by trying out new tracks at home already. So before each set she has the music in her head which suits her set’s time and the party. She especially loves to be in the flow when she can enjoy the tracks’ great parts between the mixes herself and see how the people on the floor feel the same joy.

Djane KiBa

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Djane KiBa

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Next Stop@Visions of Gaggalacka Altes Funkhaus Weimar

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Djane KiBa

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Djane KiBa

<3 <3 <3

BLACK OUT Records:
Antagon Bandcamp:

SoundCloud Full Album Stream:

From the depths of the psychedelic universe, one of its legends returns with his fifth album "Anticosmos" on Black Out Records. Ten groundbreaking tracks combining darkpsy and hitech elements to create a dense atmosphere without forgetting the dance floor.

The album takes things a bit slower with the first two tracks ("Transmorph" feat Yum Kimil and the Parabax & Highko "Dabbing RMX") and is increasingly becoming high in terms of speed and hard-hitting song writing. The title track combines the style-defining elements that run through the entire album: hard driving basslines combined with forward driving lead sounds and a very clear production that knows only one goal and that is forward. With "Zero Sum" and "After Armageddon" Antagon shows that he can weave fast modern sound hitech sound and even melodic elements into his extremely coherent concept, yet his intelligent composition makes him stand out from other acts. For those who love fast, hectic sound, the second half of the album offers a very strong blend of futuristic sounds, complex melodies and playful, but always hard, basslines.

Get to safety a true storm from the depths of the universe breaks in!

01 Yum Kimil & Antagon - Transmorph 170BPM
02 Parabax & Highko - Dabbing (Antagon Rmx) 170BPM
03 Anticosmos 173BPM
04 Zero Sum 175BPM
05 After Armageddon 175BPM
06 Nexus A & Antagon - Satisfaction 180BPM
07 The Four Horsemen 180BPM
08 Deception 183BPM
09 Doomsday 185BPM
10 Anarchist Academy 190BPM

COVER ARTWORK: Android Jones & Alex Parsec

MASTERING: Lars Antagon @ Interzone Mastering
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