They say that humans are drawn to circles and spirals because there are no straight lines in nature – This edition we take a look at the wonders of the hoop within our juggling community.

The origin of the hula hoop goes back to quite ancient times, where people were using stiff grasses and vines to make circular hoops, which could be propelled along the ground using a stick, or swung around the waist. (1)

It was in 1958 when the company Wham-O manufactured a plastic hoop in a variety of bright colours and termed it the „hula-hoop’.

These days the hula hoop can be twirled around whichever part of the body one can manage!

The record for the most hoops twirled simultaneously is 132, set by Paul »Dizzy Hips« Blair on November 11, 2009. (2) The previous record was 107, set by Alesya Gouleviche of Belarus, on June 15, 2009. (3)
The hula hoop is one of the simplest and fun ways to partake in the juggling experience. It requires very little effort to give it a go, and quite quickly with some sufficient pelvic thrust-like movements one can manage to master some of the basic moves (there have been times where hula hooping was banned in Indonesia because of these movements being unacceptable in public!)

For the real keen hoopers in the psychedelic trance community, there are the LED hoops and also fire hoops which have seen the sides of many psy-trance party dance floors, wowing onlookers and party goers with a flash of colour and fire! Not only are these an effective performance for many onlookers, but a great way of keeping fit too! If you have ever given the hoop a good twirl, you will notice just how much work you really have to put into that thing! (Think about those hips girls! LOL!)
Hoops come in a variety of sizes, colours, weighted or non weighted, wood, plastic, lit up or with fire attachments! Making your own is actually quite easy (see internet resources given below) and you can ensure that it is weighted to how you require, rather than from a toy shop where they are often too light and difficult to use.

PVC or poly tubing is excellent to use: For adults and beginners 3/4 inch 160psi. This makes for a slightly heavier hoop and a good thickness.
For a lighter hoop and for children 100 – 120 psi is recommended.
Such a versatile toy having been used for centuries, the hula hoop really has endless possibilities. You can combine several, of same or differing sizes, your performance is limited only by your imagination! Guys or girls equally can enjoy the fun and cheekiness playing about with this simple yet fantastically flowing toy (seen here with our mates at Pixelated Pyros in Australia!) and we highly recommend you give a hoop a go!

Kylie Van Eerden

We collected you a link bundle if you are looking for more resources to hoopimg:

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