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Zoltan Vajda aka KALUM ET was born in 1978 in Budapest, Hungary and has been on the electronic music road since 1994, when acid parties started to spread in Budapest. His music career though began some years before that, playing bass in a band, but soon his interest turned to electronic music exclusively and he started creating his own tracks in various styles: jungle, triphop, dub, breakbeat and Trance.

After his debut live act in in the first autumn of this Millenium, he quickly became one of the most significant producers of the Hungarian Trance scene. His outstanding unique style, a fusion of several different genres made him a constant performer at Hungarian parties. Domestic success was soon followed by international performances, conquering many countries‘ Trance scenes worldwide and playing at most of the major festivals: Boom, Ozora and VooV.

Over the years his style has slowly developed into a much more intense, full power kind of Psychedelic Trance, and his genuine live acts are now more interesting than ever. Besides the project KALUMET, he also runs the projects, both since 2004, TREVOR McGREGOR (Techno, Tech-house, electro in the widest range, releases on Beef records, Plusquam, Looq Records, Digital Diamonds, Horns And Hoofs, Soundmute Recordings) and ORK MONK (hard and fast Psytrance for the night, releases on Kagdila, Psybaba Records, Ektoplazm, Helicon Sound System).

The most recent release – on Random Records – is ONE INCH PUNCH as KALUMET, the long awaited second album which is also a benefit project, part of the income going to an indigenous Indonesian tribe, the Mentawai. His first chillout album is under process, coming at the end of this year.

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Seit der Ausbreitung von Acid Partys in Budapest 1994, befindet sich KALUMET auf der elektronischen Strasse und wurde nach seinem Debut rasch zu einem der bedeutendsten Produzenten der ungarischen Trance Szene.

Die einzigartige Verschmelzung verschiedener Genres verschaffte ihm Dauerauftritte auf ungarischen Parties. Dem Heimerfolg folgten weltweite Auftritte, u.a. auf Boom, Ozora und VooV. Neben dem „Full Power’ Psytrance als KALUMET laufen noch zwei weitere Projekte, TREVOR McGREGOR (Techno/Tech-House/Elektro) sowie ORK MONK (harter, schneller Psytrance für die Nacht).

KALUMETs neuestes Release bei Random Records heisst ONE INCH PUNCH, sein erstes Chillout Album kommt gegen Ende des Jahres.

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