In Switzerland psytrance scene is booming. There are many parties every weekend. The usually more quiet people of this small country like to party a lot.

During your journey through Switzerland you will find that travelling by day is much more attractive. The mountain peaks, green forests and fields, lakes and rivers are full of energy for your body, mind and soul.
Oeco-culture and quality are held very high in the country, most of the places are clean and look nice, so enjoy a refreshing bath in a cool lake and drink water from the tub.

It is very hard for organizers to find partylocations in Switzerland. Everything is very close to each other and open space is rare, except in the high mountains. A lot of the free space is protected by law and in bigger events the government is taking a lot of influence on how the infrastructure has to be, which surely is an advantage for the visitors. Swiss parties are usually good organised.

To inform yourself about parties in Switzerland visit or If you love parties made with heart you could try out Reisefieber which starts from 27th of June 2014 and usually gets around 1500-2500 people, or One Love Festival starting from 10th of July which is taking place the first time but will get around 3000-5000 people. The Revival of legendary Zoom Festival is unfortunately cancelled. The biggest Festival of Switzerland, Summer Never Ends, will take place next Year, from 30.07.-02.08.15.

If you fear the cost of an expensive country, travel well prepared and bring your daily needs from your home country, the Festivals above will allow you to bring it. Switzerland is worth a trip!

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