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Why did you decide to start a netlabel? We always liked the ideas of Open Source and Creative Commons, so it was just logical to get involved ourselves. Our main idea is to make available good and special music to a broad audience. For this purpose, the distribution is much easier for a netlabel. It was also important for us not to be under the pressure of current trends, and what is well-established or ‘up-and-coming’ at the moment. CYAN is 100% open-minded towards everything from the Electronic genre.
What are challenges?
To convince people with good music and an independent concept. Unfortunately many people think that the free music from netlabels is inferior to profit-orientated releases. Which is definitely not true! Another challenge is offering everything ourselves, from mastering to artwork and website.
How did you gain popularity?
Obviously communication is everything! After many blog posts, forum and social media activities, the whole thing eventually got rolling and people started talking about us. A consistent release policy is another important factor.
How is success determined at CYAN?
We made acquaintance with a lot of interesting people and forged some important bonds. Another ‘profit’ is that we feel that people really enjoy our work and we see our music spreading all across the globe. Thanks to everyone!
So what’s next on CYAN?
Recently we released „The Mixing Chef – IMTS Vol. 1′, which is somewhat in the tradition of the good old ‘Space Night’ sound. A driving Psy Trance album from Musik Magier is just about to be launched. There will be a Downbeat double release by Smooth Genestar and a Dub Tech-flavoured album from Smooth. Also we have on our schedule the new Ambient album from Jaja.
Seit 2009 veröffentlichen die Kölner Jana Rockstroh and Marco Köller auf ihrem Netlabel CYAN Music qualitativ hochwertige Elektronica jeglicher Couleur, von Ambient bis Psy Trance, von Downbeat bis Techno.

Besonders wichtig ist den beiden nach wie vor, unabhängig zu sein von aktuellen Trends und den damit verbundenen stilistischen Zwängen. Das Netlabel bietet hierfür die perfekte Plattform.

Eine Herausforderung dabei ist der nach wie vor verbreitete Irrglaube, die Musik von Netlabels sei ein „Restbestand’ und qualitativ minderwertig. Dass dies keinesfalls so ist, beweist das begeisterte Feedback, welches CYAN mittlerweile aus der ganzen Welt erhält.

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