Ask Dr. Goa: What’s the difference between “Live” and “DJ”?

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Dear Dr. Goa, I have to confess that I have no idea what the difference between “Live” and “DJ” is. I noticed that certain friends give me rolleyes and headshakes when I say something like “this guy is DJing live now”. Can you explain the difference, please?

That’s a very interesting question, because the answer has changed significantly during recent years. It used to be like this: A live act does more than a DJ. However, today it’s the other way round. A live act usually pushes one button, once. It’s the space bar on their laptop and it starts a so-called “live set”, a pre-arranged sequence of music that consists mostly of own productions. A DJ pushes more buttons these days (as in: more buttons that actually have a function). The most important ones are the track selection button and the sync button. By the way, there’s also one thing that DJs and live acts have in common: Both pretend that they are actually doing much, much more than that.

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