Project BlueBeam – Advanced holographic technology to simulate a fake alien invasion

Project BlueBeam
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This theory postulates that the Masters aka elite will use advanced holographic technology to simulate a fake alien invasion to seal the masses under the domination of a global government.

Project BlueBeam

Project BlueBeam’s agenda:

A.Via the use of holograms, man­kind will be tricked into believing that an alien invasion is imminent. Supporters of this theory indicate the real reason for chemtrails is to create a sort of global aerial screen that will cloak the earth, on which digital images of UFO’s will be projected.

B.The masters will then use the “Messiah” myth i.e. a Christ figure who will eradicate the “alien threat”, and of course “saved” from extinction, the good people will be ready to lick the impostor’s feet.

C.Next the Christ figure will broadcast a message directly into the brains of all humans, making each individual believe that “god” has spoken to their souls. This message will prompt the people sign up for the one world government.

D.At the cost of personal freedom, humanity will be merged into one easily controllable slave population.


Hard to digest, but this theory’s got a load of supporters…

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