This is your chance to share your writing skills, as well as knowledge of psychedelic culture will all the mushroom readers; the Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, will be out soon, and we are looking for some great writers to share their know-how of the best festivals, parties, clubs of their respective countries.

The Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, is a magazine written by trancers from all around the world; let the trance community know about your country. All you have to do is login to the mushroom magazine website, visit the “Editor” tab, and choose the option “Edit Country Report”, next fill out the online form, with details of the parties, artists etc from your country, and hit submit. If you write a great report we will share your report with our entire network of over 3,00,0000 trancers, and publish the report in the magazine, which gets distributed in Europe, and overseas! Talk about exposure. So follow the links below, and get your country noticed!

Check this out:

Fill out this form: EDIT COUNTRY REPORT

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