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There’s a very good chance that you had some of your most intense and most outer-space listening experiences with the music of Side Liner – although he might not have been headlining any dance floors during the last years.

Remember those moments when you closed your eyes and got taken away on a fantastic inward trip? Well, that’s what happens when listening to the sound of Side Liner! With a release history reaching back to 1999 and including more than 220 compilation participations and 80 releases, Greek producer Nick Miamis is undoubtedly among the protagonists of the Ambient and Chill Out scene.

For a good reason: He manages to evoke complex moods and associations, listening to his tunes has a strong visual stimulation effect. Now he announced: ‘I Am Bird Now’… his 9th album, to be released in October on Nick’s label Cosmic Leaf Records.

End of August he presents the new compilation ‘Discovering Tempest Recordings’, resuming the successful cooperation series with Lemongrassmusic, Jens Buchert, Eguana, and others.

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