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After discovering Psytrance in Goa in the ‘90s Daksinamurti grew into the scene and got his first international bookings around 2005. In 2006 he released his 1st compilation on the legendary label’ Shiva Space Technology’.

Since then his sound has evolved into deeper and intelligent-sometimes groovy and colorful realms but remained powerful direction wise. Daksi prefers to play long DJ sets because he feels his stories won’t fit in 2 hr sets.

‘I try to interact with the crowd, see what they like. Every dance floor is different and I react to it and pick up from there. I never plan my sets, each one is different- a glimpse of a very unique and special moment. I have a large variety of music I like, which covers every spectrum of the day and night.’

Daksinamurti is a DJ for Peak Records and runs the labels Sangoma and Timecode with his Indian friend Gata Freak. He has just released VA/ Shanti Jatra Vol. 2 and is about to release another very special compilation on Sangoma with Gata Freak called ‘Mzungu’ containing very carefully selected psychedelic inducing sounds from artists all around the world. He started writing music with Tickets from South Africa and soon will have finished an ‘Android Spirit’ liveact.

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