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Is it possible to be too innovative? For sure a tricky question, once you start thinking about it. Concerning a music genre that represents innovation already in its name, it seems like being innovative became a tightrope act these days. More and more Progressive Trance producers push the borders of this style further than before, and as a result they deliver sounds that are considered to be ‘Nu School’ or ‘Techno’ by some or even ‘Minimal’ by others . Anyway, whoever has been to a festival during the past years will know that this process frequently causes discussions about the music at Trance parties!

Seen in front of this background, the brothers Sirko and Stephan are true tightrope act masters. Not really big news actually, since these two dudes are undoubtedly among the busiest protagonists of the Progressive scene! Looking back on an impressive amount of experience as DJs, producers, label owners and promoters, of course they watched the evolution of the scene very carefully from these positions during the past years. This is what makes their project Symphonix one of ‘The Usual Suspects’ when it comes to high-quality Progressive Trance.

Their third studio album, (which has just been released), includes positive, bouncy and deep Progressive Trance, as advanced and modern as it can be – but still not ‘too innovative’.
It is probably this ability that is responsible for the worldwide popularity of Symphonix: To be up-to-date but also promoting the original Progressive Trance sound.

Symphonix work together in the studio to fine-tune all their tracks until both of them are 100% satisfied. The brothers frequently employed their Virus TI as well as their Moog Little Phatty for the recent album, beside lots of plugins and virtual gear of course. The results are presented live at Trancefusion, the official ‘The Usual Suspects’ release party at Hamburg’s Edelfettwerk on November 13th. An event that is sure to be a killer!



„The Usual Suspects’
Blue Tunes Records
The Symphonix brothers keep up the original Progressive Trance vibe: Their third studio album comes along classically bouncy, uplifting and distinctly psychedelic. At the same time it keeps modern and up-to-date beats that will keep you wanting more! They scratch recent trends and other genres just slightly, working in some very subtle quotes just to spice up the overall mix and keep it fresh and exciting!

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