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Often referred to as the ‘Tesseract crew’ rather than a record label, TesseracTstudio stands for a very own style of Progressive Trance. With good reason: It was founded as an organization based on friendship and collaboration between artists who share the same vision of electronic music production.

It was the summer of 2010 when the first CD compilation „Subfuse’ stirred excitement among DJs and on dance floors worldwide, presenting what today is well-known as the ‘TesseracTstudio sound’. Label nights in Copenhagen, Belgrade, Moscow and other places followed soon.

The next release to watch out for is the album of Orison, the new side-project of Zyce and Flegma, promising to bring back true Progressive vibes to the floors. Also there are 2 new compilations: Binaural Beats 2 continues the warm and soulful selection of the first chapter, and Free Frequency 2 aims straight towards the dance floors.

Various forthcoming 2-track digital EPs include Copycat & Lyctum, Vertex, and some pleasant surprises! on facebook

TesseracTstudio steht für einen ganz eigenen Style innerhalb der Progressive-Szene. Aktuell ist er z.B. auf dem kommenden Debütalbum von Orison zu hören, dem neuen Projekt von Zyce und Flegma. Außerdem stehen zwei Compilations an, die warme und gefühlvolle Binaural Beats 2 sowie die energiegeladene Free Frequency 2.

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